The Rocky Horror Picture Show Prop Rules & Info

You are more than welcome to bring your own props to our showings of Rocky Horror Picture show; however, we will be selling prop kits for $3 per kit or 2 kits for $5 at the box office while supplies last. We are so excited to invite you to our showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and want this event to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Please be respectful of our theater, the audience members around you and the actors themselves during this show.  Here are the items that are in the prop kit / are acceptable for you to bring from home. 

Items In Kit:
Theater Rules:
Banned Items:

Prop Guide: How and When?

Whether it’s your first time at The Rocky Horror Picture Show or a long time fan that needs a refresher, below is a detailed list of when and how to use each of the props in your kit. 

Rice (Confetti):

At the wedding at the beginning of the film, guests throw rice –please do NOT throw rice but you can use the confetti provided.  Make sure to save some for the scene later in the film!


When Brad and Janet get caught in the storm, Janet uses a newspaper to cover her head –  you should do the same (don’t worry it won’t rain indoors!)

Large “J”-“A”-“N”-“E”-“T” cards:

During the song “Dammit Janet” when Brad says Janet’s name, and when spells out Janet’s name, each card is held up as he spells it. Some people also write “Oh” “B”-“R”-“A”-“D” on the back of them and use them then. (Not included in the kit, but allowed)


During Columbia’s “bitch out” speech, she says to Frank “you’re like a sponge!” – throw your sponge up when she says sponge.

Rubber Glove:

Frank gives a speech at the tank where he puts on, stretches and snaps his rubber gloves three times – put your gloves on with him and snap them in sync.

Party Hat:

At dinner, Frank puts on his party hat – put yours on as well.


In the “Lab” scene when the Transylvanian guests use their noisemakers – you should shake yours!


During the song Science Fiction Double Feature, the move When Worlds Collide is mentioned – pop the balloon at this time.


When Frank is chasing Janet after dinner and asks the musical question “did you hear a bell ring?” during the song “Planet Schmanet”

Glow Stick:

In the song, “Over at the Frankenstein Place” there is a verse that says, “There’s a light” – you should light up the theater when they say that.

How to Time Warp Flier:

During the Time Warp – get up and dance! (Not included in the kit but allowed)


After floor show, when Frank is doing his solo number and sits down and sings the line “cards for sorrow, cards for pain”.


At the end of the “Charles Atlas” song’s reprise, the Transylvanians throw confetti as Rocky and Frank go to the bedroom – you should throw your confetti with them!


When the rope falls from the rigging after Riff finishes shooting. Not included in the kit but allowed)

Toilet Paper:

When Dr. Scott makes his dramatic entrance into the lab, prompting Brad’s exclamation of “Great Scott!” – toss your roll(s) of toilet paper into the air.

Please do not bring or throw toast, rice, hot dogs, prunes, or use water guns!