The Indiana circa 1930's (courtesy of The Indiana Gazette)

About The Indiana Theater

100 Years Of History

Welcome to the Indiana Theater – a cornerstone of culture and community in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Since its grand opening in 1924, our theater has been a vibrant venue for entertainment, arts, and community gatherings. From its early days as a vaudeville house to its current role as a community hub, the Indiana Theater’s journey through time is a story of resilience, transformation, and unwavering commitment to the arts.

Our History Over The Years

The Indiana Theater has witnessed a tapestry of names, faces, owners, and shows over its illustrious decades. Our story is deeply intertwined with the history of Indiana, Pennsylvania itself. As a beacon of entertainment and community life, the theater has mirrored the town’s evolution, reflecting its cultural shifts and societal changes. It’s not just a building; it’s a living, breathing part of Indiana’s heritage. This enduring legacy invites you to explore more about our rich history

The Original Floor Plan Of The Indiana Theater​
July 16, 1924:

Theater opens as a 1400 seat theater for vaudeville. Owned by Adda Prothero Elkin, it included a barber, tobacco shop, and bowling alley.


Balcony is closed and offices are built above the theater. It was then used primarily for films.



After Mrs. Elkin’s death, the theater was purchased by Manos. The Indiana Theater name was kept, and it showed films successfully  throughout this time.


The Indiana was being considered for demolition. Tom Harley bought it to save it and continued to run it as a theater through the 1980s.


The Indiana Players used the theater for live community theater. They ultimately moved to a building down the street that better fit their needs.

1990s - 2015:

Private companies leased the
theater and ran it with varying levels of success. It was used to show films and as a concert venue.


Amplify Church took over the lease for the theater and began holding services in the theater. They sometimes had community events and films, but it was mainly used for church activities.

November 2022:

The church left and the first concert was held in the building. Downtown Theater Project received its 501c3 status and began leasing the building. Concerts were held monthly and a few small events were scheduled.

March 2023:

The first big fundraiser was held in the Theater and it was opened full time.

The Downtown Theater Project is organized for the purpose of offering the community quality and diverse  programming in an inclusive environment. The mission of the  Organization is to be committed to the restoration and revival of the Indiana  Theater as a thriving community hub.

Our Board Members:

Veldorah J. Rice

Executive Director

Steve Holliday

Technical Director

Danielle Morganti

CJ MaGilton

Eric Longwell

Michael Perry

Jessica Smith

Jean Yingling