Building Wish List:

ADA Platform:
Our theater has a sloped seating area, which is wonderful for viewing, but not for those in wheelchairs. We would like to build a flat platform area for our ADA community members to enjoy shows in comfort.
Control Panel Platform:

Our sound, light, and control boards need to be moved to at platform at the back of the theater that allows our technical team to manage all aspects of the house.

Theater Office Space:

Our nonprofit is in need of some space for administrative items as well as a place for staff and volunteers to collaborate. This donation would cover office space on the fourth floor for a year.

Hospitality Suite:

There is currently no space for performers to prepare for a show or meet fans after a show. This donation would cover the cost of rental on the fourth floor for one year. The space would allow us to serve food and host small gatherings for performers and guests.

Hospitality Furnishing:
We need help making our Hospitality Suite welcoming and cozy for our performers and guests. The room we are hoping to rent is unfurnished and we would like to provide amenities that would be welcoming for touring acts as well as local artists.
Lobby Furnishing:
You may have noticed the new addition of couches to our lobby. They are wonderful, but we would love to update these to fit our style and art deco history.
Concession Stand:
Our concession stand is currently a folding table. Our hope is to install a permanent counter in our lobby to serve snacks to our guests and expand what we are able to offer.
Backstage Restoration:
The small off-stage areas are in desperate need of upgrades. Many areas need small safety upgrades (lights, reflective tape). Others need proper scaffolding or updates to pulley systems. Funding here would help the stage itself be safer and more functional.

Equipment Wish List:

Lighting Cables:

Our lighting is in need of vast improvement.  These cables and power cords will allow us to run the power we need for the system and more efficiently add additional lighting in a safe and modern fashion.


We do not have any follow spotlights for performers on stage.  Funding here would allow us to purchase these and light up soloists in their big moments!

Lighting Updates:

Many of the lights we are currently using are not in the best condition or are not updated to connect to our board.  Funding here would allow us to create a system that would elevate our technology.

Ticketing System:

Having an in-house computerized system would allow us to offer sales online and smoothly integrate them to our ticket booth.  This donation would cover all set up costs and fund the service for a year.

New Stage Fabric:

Many of the curtains and other items backstage have not been updated for years. We would like to replace these items with material that is safe and will last for many years forward.

Speakers and Amps:
These speakers are integral to have sound at our movies and are the backbone for sound at concerts. Funding here would allow us to run sound more efficiently.
Sound Mixer:

A sound mixer would allow us to turn on all the sound for the speakers and other A/V equipment. It also allows us to adjust volume or other issues from one place.

Specialty Lights:

If you like the stars and lights that shine in the back of the theater and want more eye catching lights like this, donate here.  This money will be used for safety lights, but also many different cosmetic upgrades that will make our theater stand out.

Cash Register Setup:

We are in need of a point of sale system and equipment to run our concessions and at-the-door ticketing.  This funding would allow us to have two cash registers and the software to run them.

IT Infrastructure:

We would like to install internet infrastructure so that we can run our sound and lighting more smoothly as well as provide internet to our guests.  This funding would provide all we need for setting up and covering costs for a year.